5 Simple Tips to Increase Productivity

Sometimes you need to go back to the basics of organisation. The simple habits we can do every day that we forget to do because we are busy and think it will take up precious time we don’t have. But these simple things don’t take as long as you think and will ultimately save you time. Here are 5 basic productivity tips to do every day:

Making a to-do list

Creating a to-do list daily can really focus your mind on the day ahead. Try to write it at the begin of the day or the end of your workday. Prioritise the most important tasks first and be realistic about the amount you will be able to achieve in one day. You will also get the satisfaction of ticking off each task you complete and hopefully achieving everything you wanted to.

Goal setting

Set goals to help you achieve the most important tasks. This could be breaking down a large task into smaller more achievable goals. Tasks will become easier to accomplish once they appear less daunting.

Organizing your calendar

Plan which jobs you will do at different times in the day. If you know you are most productive first thing then plan to do the jobs that will take the most brain power then. Do not over fill your day, things always take longer than you plan them to and other tasks my appear in the day that you had not expected. Allow yourself time to get jobs done, do not overestimate how much time you will need to achieve it: not finishing a task can make you feel unproductive when you have really had a productive day.

One task at a time

Focus on one task at a time. It’s easy to get distracted and switch between multiple tasks especially when emails are coming in and people are calling you, but it will make you less productive. If you are lacking in motivation, then quick tasks can help to feel like you are getting thinks done. If you are particularly stressed about one job, then force yourself to get it done first.


Delegating can save time if you have the right team around you. Delegate jobs where your time would be better spent elsewhere. Make sure you give clear, precise briefs to avoid confusion and time wasted repeatedly explaining. With a productivity tool such as Myna you can record and transcribe briefs at the touch of a button. Allowing you and your team to focus completely on the briefing and giving them multiple options of brief format as well. 

These simple productivity tips can fit easily into your day, help focus your mind and achieve your goals. If you’re interested in trying Myna why not try it free for 30 days here.  

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