NYE Giveaway: Share your memorable virtual meetings gone hilariously wrong and win one year free access to Myna

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement. Each and every person across the globe was affected to varied degrees. All the freedom we enjoyed and took for granted suddenly changed. Nevertheless, in the midst of all the uncertainties and feeling of powerlessness people came together to share their hope and add some cheer in creative ways. The 2020 viral trends and creative hobbies across the year were aplenty from Dalgona coffee challenges, toilet paper challenges (inspired by the manic rush to buy toilet rolls), Don’t Rush TikTok collab videos, Tiger King memes, Home hair cut tips (hoping and praying that the bangs would come out like in the tutorial but it was never as easy as it looked!) to sharing Quarantine Cooking recipes making everyone feel full and happy were just some of the many ways that this year brought people together. A true revelation of 2020 however was the extent of just how important technology is and will continue to be to the human race. Not being able to travel to meet family, friends or even to offices for work the world still required a stable economy to provide individuals with an income to survive — voice and video technologies played a crucial part here to not only help businesses run but also for people to stay in touch with their loved ones and help overcome any anxieties. People turned to apps such as Zoom, HouseParty, Ms Teams, Google hangouts etc, to virtually catch up with their friends or family, near and far. Virtual quizzes and games through these apps became just one of the many ways people connected. Office spaces, chats with colleagues, team meetings and firm handshakes synonymous for a deal well negotiated converted to heads in square boxes on a screen. It was an entirely new challenge to the dynamics of maintaining a professional attitude; not only knowing where to look while trying to avoid peering into each other’s homes, having a family member cross by and/or having to pause a conversation because your child or pet wanted to sit on your lap to join in, to endless repetitions of “Can you hear me?”, “You’re on mute!” or not remembering that just because you step away from the camera people on the call don’t automatically stop viewing until you switch the camera off and in some cases also have to switch the audio off! (i.e. those toilet breaks or dishwasher discussions that just cannot wait). It would be fair to say though that these did result in some hilariously memorable WFH (Working From Home) anecdotes that not only made the virtual meetings more human but one to remember. We here at Myna, would like to like to end the year with positivity and cheer. We are asking YOU to share your memorable or hilarious virtual meeting stories. Join our #NYEGiveaway, share your story via a written message, video or photo etc. Each participant will be awarded 1 month of free Myna access, but one lucky winner (selected at random) will win 1 years’ worth of free access to Myna! Share your stories! Use hashtag #hellomemorable on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to submit your stories, last date of submission: 5 Jan 2021. Begin the New Year with the tools you’ll need to put down the pen and focus on turning your meeting into a searchable, saveable record. We are excited to hear from you! Best Wishes, The team at Myna See the video below for a funny memorable virtual meeting incident including Myna CTO, Nigel Cannings.

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