Refer a friend and earn 20%

We really hope you are enjoying using Myna.  Our users tell us it saves them a load of time in note-taking, helps them easily go back and review meetings and one user said it allows him to be on two calls at the same time, so it’s giving him 3 extra hours a day.

Obviously, we want as many people as possible using Myna, and to help nudge that along a little, we are offering you and your friends a small incentive.

If you refer a friend, they will get an extra month free and you will receive 20% of any money they spend on the monthly scheme, net of any taxes.

We have decided to use the Rewardful scheme to power this, as it links in really well with our payment provider, Stripe.

Just visit to get your personal sign-up code, then help a friend and start earning!

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