Zoom Fatigue is Real – Here’s How Myna Can Help.

Spending hours on video conference calls is the new normal, and apparently so is Zoom fatigue.

Zoom fatigue means feeling worn out and exhausted from all the many Zoom meetings we have to endure each day. It is important to note that the fatigue comes from the video conferencing/meetings themselves and not Zoom the platform. The condition has only been coined Zoom fatigue by many because Zoom is the most popular meeting tool right now.

So, what might be the reason for this exhaustion? Aren’t video meetings supposed to be easier or simpler? Well, not so much.

Seeing giant heads and enduring their stares for long periods can get tiring and off-putting. This unwanted attention puts you on edge and leaves you feeling pressured in several ways. You might feel guilty looking away to take notes, drink water, sneeze, yawn, and so on. Head nods, eye contact, and as much non-verbal cues as possible are required from you and can get tiring.

There are suddenly more meetings. Not so long ago, working in-office meant you could pass information over the phone, have fewer quick meetings, meet over lunch, and socialize with your colleagues. Now, each one of these actions is represented by a Zoom call causing more meetings than ever.

Other reasons for Zoom fatigue include;

  • Missing out on non-verbal communication
  • Feeling anxious about kids running in or other distractions that might make you look bad.
  • Frustration with lagging connection, background noises, and so on.

How Myna can help?

Despite how bleak the new normal seems with Zoom fatigue in the picture, there are ways to overcome this with Myna.

Myna can prevent or reduce Zoom fatigue by allowing you to;

  • Talk without taking notes
  • Concentrate on listening
  • Be as physically present as possible
  • Not stress about forgetting any crucial information

With Myna’s ability to work with meeting recordings, you can achieve all this and more. Crisp and clear video replays, transcripts and audio of virtual meetings make it easy to be present and avoid the need to take notes, call back to clarify points, and so on.

You should also try to make sure that every meeting has an agenda and a strict time limit.  Do you really need an hour to get everything ticked off the list?  Why not try to cut meeting times down, and then build a 15 minute buffer into your diary to take a quick break, and deal with any immediate actions

Filter key parts of the meeting

Myna helps teams collaborate better. Find what you need,when you need it. The patented JumpTo technology extracts the key things that were said in the meeting, and makes them available for quick navigation to what is important in the meeting.

Users of the Myna recorder can also click a “hot button” during the meeting to indicate important events.

Once the video meeting ends you receive an email directly in your inbox to relive the meeting.  You can forward this to other members of your team so they too have a complete record of what was said.

Myna gives you complete control. Even if you are not the host,  Myna offers different ways to record meetings. You can cut down on video conferencing meeting times, use  calls more efficiently, show focus, and finally be able to set apart your work and personal life.

Myna is helping teams do better. Learn more and use Myna to defeat Zoom fatigue.

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